I talk about balance and harmony a lot. What I’m basically trying to appeal to is that our lives are better and healthier when things are scaled properly. And there’s a difference between balance and harmony. Balance is somewhat two dimensional and it often leads to an either or way of thinking.

We’re much more complicated just being balanced so harmony is more like making an amazing cocktail or cooking a good sauce to put on a meal. It’s a mixture of lots of things that compliment the others to bring out the best of all the ingredients.

If you’re caught up in the idea that the more you work, the more productive you are, the more valuable you are, the more money you make, etc etc… you’re fucked. When this is the model we live through our shadow and/or ego runs the show and the bargaining, compromising, negotiating tends to take over and harmony is lost. Your relationships (including the one with your self), your health, pleasure, quiet time, learning/growing fall by the wayside more and more.

I say all of this because I’m coming at you again to look at your priorities and see if you can sit still. This is actually purposeful non productive time, except many people don’t allow themselves to not produce any other time besides when they’re sleeping. This creates a problem where we set up these convoluted schemes to try to take advantage of our downtime and hack it to do other things at the same time. I mean, you don’t want to be wasteful of your time, right?

Multitasking is not the answer.

I’m not saying it’s all bad but at times it can be like continuing to deepen the groove along a pathway that’s broken. Think about taking a road trip. If you take a wrong turn but you keep going and going, you’re going to have to back track and travel as far again as you’ve gone. It’s training you to do and be what you don’t want to do or be.

Alright, alright, here’s another example. I came to value my time a lot. I want it to be used well. Efficient. Positive. Relaxed. PEACEFUL. I just wanted it to be lived to the fullest. So at times I would get really pissed when people would waste my time. *I still do often. I would get so angry and worked up that I’d waste days with negative thinking, judging them, judging myself. Yeah, it was amazing, I was really creating an efficient, peaceful life.

One more quick one… I’ve caught myself driving like a maniac and dumping loads of adrenaline into my system while headed to get a massage!? Yep.

What I’m trying to get you to see is that when you’re trying to sit still and be with yourself to recover, find god, or whatever, I want to check to see if what you’re really doing is anti-downtime, anti-recovery, or anti-training.

More on this next week when I talk about thrust and vector.

The opportunity:

What is your relationship with downtime?

How can you update what recovery means to you?

Could you be more intentional with your meditation or prayers?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!