1. sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.
2. having a particular meaning; indicative of something.

Being significant is an important need that we seek to have fulfilled. This is not bad and an integral part of our makeup as humans. I could probably go back and find that data that correlates with some ancient, reptile brain reason of where that comes from but I won’t and I’ll just ask you to go along with me here.

We all need to be significant but at a certain point, under certain circumstances we fuck people over with it. We either make others insignificant in our pursuit of significance by wanting to be better than them or dominating them or we disregard the people who we’ve agreed to hold in high regard and get lost in our search for notoriety.

Do you order a venti, half pump, soy, light whip, half caff latte?
Do you want an exact technique used to fold your underwear?
Are you entitled?

Consider this one example… do you need the attention of an additional man/woman to feel “wanted” or “important” and in doing so you neglect the fact that this betrays other people? Do you consider your intimate partner your “significant other”? What is significant about them? How do you show them that? This is just one example and there are many others, choose the one that fits with how you live your life.

Common beliefs by people is that they don’t matter, they’re not worthy, and they’re inadequate. Whether it’s their physical attributes (I’m ugly), mental capacity (I’m stupid), not enough of this or too much of that, we’ve all got our shit that we torture ourselves with. If you don’t have or have never had any of those battles god bless you but I think you’re a liar.

Where is the special relationship between these things in your life and how much does it showing up?

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