“Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to ones self esteem.” Dr Thomas Saz

Some parts of us soar and we excel at them. We devote lots of time and energy towards specific quadrants of our lives and of course those parts thrive. Making money, scoring deals, and landing big clients are things that make a lot of us feel good. If I’m not careful I’ll just hang out there and soak up the strokes in the world of accomplishments.

Or maybe we’re bent on being the best friend or sibling we can be foregoing pursuits that will required long term commitment and plenty of failure along the way? Something where we lean into being more relational and less driven.

As we get older we tend to allocate more and more energy to the parts that are “working”. It feels good to do what we’re good at. We feel confident. Our egos light up with recognition.

This is why we reach later stages in life with gaping holes in our evolution and development. We’ve finessed and massaged things just so in order to continue the charade. At some point we’ll have to face those short comings.

I point this out to show the spectrum and some parallels we’re likely to see.

We feel too much and can’t get anything done. Our world becomes oriented around comfort and ease. Or we feel too little and struggle to connect with the people we love. We need a balance of and empathy in order to get shit done and to connect with the humans in our lives.

It’s so common to not recognize that over a long period of time we lose our balance with these two important energies and life gets out of wack. Sometimes we don’t recognize it until things are totally off the rails. Where do you need to move the needle?

The opportunity:

What are you avoiding?

What are you feeling called to do in your heart and soul?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!