One of the ways we create issues in our lives and the world is to create separation and difference. The main way to create peace and elegance is to work towards connection and collaboration.

Think of any relationship you have, whether that’s an intimate, familial, yourself, business, or colleague. When you begin to see yourself as separate you make decisions based off what is best for yourself, even if you choose to do something for another to stroke your ego, gain fulfillment, or other second hand benefit. We all do this.

We have a way of seeing others or situations as a “thing” to overcome. This gets nice and messy when we see an intimate partner as an obstacle to fix, overcome, or move past (disconnect from).

I recently saw a talk by a man who described the trees as being part of our lungs. He described the relationship between our lungs breathing out and the trees (and everything else that breathes CO2) breathing in. Think about that for a second. I’m not a humaniac but I do think it’s important to recognize where I’m in harmony with my surroundings and where I’m at odds.

Are you catching my drift yet? Because of the human ego we compare and compete with fucking everything. Better. Worse. Older. Younger. We’re stretching ourselves towards something other than what and who we are right now. We make others things rather than beings. Your colleague is a being, a living, breathing human. The barista, a pet, a child, and an intimate partner are all valuable and important. Do you treat them that way?

The opportunity;

What important connection do you most often treat like a thing rather than a being?

Why do you do that?

How will you change this?

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