A big part of my world is about bringing deeper and deeper consciousness to behavior. Why the hell do we act the way we do and make the choices we do even when it’s clear that we need to do something other than what we’re doing? Continuing to default into anger and violent thoughts and speech. Continuing to eat like shit, procrastinate, or simply not do the things you know help you live the best life possible. Yeah, those things.

One of the things I often ask my clients is, “What do you already know you need to do that you’re not doing?” Some of this stuff is low hanging fruit. This is stuff that doesn’t even need to be brought into our conscious minds, we already know what to do but we lack execution.

In the last two weeks I’ve talked about motivation and what defines us as an individual. This week I want to weave in a few dynamics to show an even more complex model. One of them being the process of changing what will define us when we die. Another is simply the idea of whether you want to be known for “being” a certain way when you die or having accomplished certain things for others by the time you die or… both of those.

I like scales and spectrums and I like understanding where I and others inhabit these in order to know where we want to go. This provides clarity and orientation so that we can point ourselves in a direction. We can’t put one foot in front of another if we don’t know where we’re going.

I shared that I can, at times, live my life through a set of things that I choose to identify with that have me live at a certain stratus of conciousness. (Native American, victim, with a childhood of underprivileged circumstances) When I identify in this way I do these things more often; blame others, create covert or unhealthy expectations, make others into villains, separate from others, and disconnect emotionally. These things all have me live and operate at a lower level of consciousness.

I’ve found that I feel more at peace when I operate and live in with these characteristics; forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, and love.

This is where I fall back to from time to time. It happens less and less but at times, this is my starting point. Teleported back to a time and place where that is my state of being. But because I come and go from that place from time to time I’ve made it a point to learn the terrain and mark specific landmarks to find my way back. (Bread crumps for those of you who appreciate German fairy tales.)

To consolidate all this; your reality and the world you experience reflects your state of consciousness, the state of consciousness you live your life in will define you in the end, this can be managed by learning the pathway up and down along the stratus of consciousness and making it a habit to diligently move to the way you want to be.

The opportunity;

What do you already know you need to do that you’re not doing?
What is your process for figuring out your state of default?
What do you do to shift from your state of default?
Who do you need to forgive?
How can you love yourself more?

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