At certain times in life we all find ourselves at that level of consciousness where we’re wanting something, not getting it, and not being honest with ourselves why. I want to see if I can simply this for you.

Delusions are tricky. Ahem.

Certain things in life are clearly attainable. It’s not rocket science or some other super complicated matter, it’s math and data. Even within clear parameters we find ways to skew the data and get confused.

“I don’t understand… “
“It just doesn’t make sense… “
“What happened… “

Take a thing like money or weight loss or making a certain numbers of calls-anywhere we can see that there’s a simple use of addition or subtraction, numbers don’t lie but we continue to fall short again and again. This is where I’m talking about.

In these situations I like to get down to the nitty gritty, the clear yes or no in the matter.

Your choices all add up to an outcome. If you choose X more times than you choose Y you will have this outcome. If you choose Y more times that you choose X you will have this outcome. There’s nothing to be confused about. The outcome you get will reflect the sum of the choices you make. It’s simple.

In situations like this I’m going to argue that we all know where we’re full of shit. You know you’re not doing what you know you need to.

In other areas of growth or accomplishments there are unknown variables-this is not one of those areas. And… even in those areas it can be simple to make commitments to do or not doing certain things a certain amount that you believe will most likely get you want you want and then do it but that’s another blog.

The opportunity:

Find the specific things you choose to do that put you towards your goal and what doesn’t put your in the direction of your goal.

Keep a tally of those specific choices.

After a specified period of time look at the ledger and face what your choosing and the parallel result.

Make adjustments and do what you need to do.

Thanks for your time, have a great day!

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