How great it is to experience significance through being remembered by the people who love us. Where they act, choose, and exercise their knowledge about who we are and what we like. Take a moment to remember experiencing that and how wonderful that felt.

Being remembered versus being forgotten.

Now consider the other side of this and how destructive is it to experience someone forgetting you, letting who you are and/or what you mean to them, slip their mind and act against what they commit to do or not do? Give me a second here to turn this around. I’m asking you to remember how these things felt to motivate you to behave differently.

We let things “slip” our minds all the time. We forget or don’t put resources in place to remind us when we need to be reminded. When people tell me they forget something I used to say if there was a bag with $1,000,000 in it would you have remembered? Now I find myself saying how about $10,000,000? Or $50,000,000. We seem to need a little more motivation.

Nobody likes it when people forget who they are. We feel unimportant. We feel forgotten. One of our deepest needs is to be significant, to be special. I’ve talked about this extensively in my blogs for months a months now. I do this because I think it’s a big deal. Maybe the biggest deal to a lot of you. And… I think that a significant amount of our subconscious wounds that form ages six through twelve or fourteen are directly related to being insignificant. Our young minds in an attempt to make sense of our perceived lacking in love, worthiness, value, time, attention, adoration… do I need to go on?

It’s about value. It’s about remembering what’s important to us. When we go to sleep, our character defects have a party. Our priorities change and we act through the lens of our alternate priorities based on fear, lack, and ego. What we value changes. We lose sight of the big picture and our vision of who we are and our long term mission in life and who we’re going to do that with. Raising and retaining higher levels of consciousness create a shift around this.

The opportunity;

When was the last time you felt significant to someone?
What are the main causes of you forgetting to keep someone special in your life?
What can you do to help someone or many feel significant to you right now?
Who do you need to show gratitude to?

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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