Every choice we make has consequences and impacts. Some are small and not really noticeable while others have the ability to drastically change out lives, like ending it. This is me encouraging you to build a better relationship with choices and more so the consequences of those choices. We all need to own how we’re impacting our loved ones and the world.

There are three specific things we do when forming a choice. We think, we feel, we decide. But not always in that order. Sometimes, we, or someone we know does this in a different order. We decide, we feel, we think about it. Yeah, that could pose some problems and yet under certain circumstances we should probably take action immediately rather than be in a situation where we’re in harms way and “overthinking” what we need to do. Sometimes it’s best to just execute and take action. What order to you commonly use?

One of the games we like to play in life is to act like certain choices don’t have the consequences they do. We put blinders on, go unconscious, and play stupid. I know this because I’ve been guilty of it. Playing stupid isn’t a good look and it won’t get you far but maybe that’s your intention. Sometimes we don’t actually want to go anywhere.

Choices are pretty much available for all of us and probably 99% of the time. Sometimes we like to think that we don’t have choices and that we’re a victim of the world, other’d or… take your pick for what you’re thinking is fucking you over. For the love of god, take responsibility for yourself!

We’ve all been victimized. We’ve been the target of someone or some bad thing happened that was out of our control. This is a natural occurrence in the world. This doesn’t mean that the world is out to get us and when our fellow humans are in turmoil they do unhealthy things towards others. That has to do with them and not us… unless we take advantage of that and use it to victimize ourselves because we like the victim mindset.

Who doesn’t like the attention we get when we’ve gotten the raw deal? The we like to complain, commiserate, bitch, moan, whine, ugh… yeah that stuff.

Here’s the deal, when we make a choice how do you think your life would be different if we owned the consequences of that choice immediately? It’s fun and exciting to dodge risky situations by avoiding consequences but if we quit playing games and face the impacts on our loved ones and the world our choices change and our life changes.

Or how do you think your life would be different if you felt the depth of your pain by owning the atrocious things we’ve done to others we say we love? I believe that once we’ve done the work and felt the pain of owning our unhealthy, toxic choices and behavior we simply have to change. It’s hard to bear the weight of that.

The opportunity:

What’s a common choice you make that has the risk of changing your life but you act like it won’t?

How would your life be different if you assumed the likely consequences of your choice are going to happen? How painful would it be if you experiences those consequences?

What do you need to take responsibility for in the next couple days?

Are you okay with someone not forgiving you for something you’ve done?

Just some thoughts, have a good day.