I talk about emotional engineering from time to time. I hashtag it on my blogs on twitter and as far as I know I’m the one who coined this idea. (I’m awesome.)

So what is it?

I was sitting down with the staff of a facility in Florida yesterday supporting them to be the best team they can be. Cohesive, connected, real, and on point with their mission in life. There’s a portion of their program where they help participants understand how we access memories, what is connected to those, and how this can be controlled through focus. And it’s all connected to the senses.

Here’s how it works;

We have experiences.
Some or all of the senses are engaged.
Touch, taste, smell, hear, see, feel (the 6th sense?)
Those experiences get filtered through our historical imprinting.
From our bank of memories we associate what we gravitate to in our minds.
Our thoughts connect to physical sensations in our bodies.
The physical sensations are emotions or different forms or energy.
Throughout our lives we’ve been trained to “react” to those energies in scripted ways.

This is the world and reality we experience.

You’ve just got to look at your life through some framework like this. Because if you don’t look at each of these things deeply and often you’ll be a slave to your past. You’ll keep doing what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always gotten. This happens because the sensations we feel driven by our emotions are extremely powerful. Their whole design is to drive action. We just need to act in alignment with our current priorities rather than our old ones at the time we formed those pathways.

The opportunity;

Think of a song from a time in your life when you were really happy.
Find that song on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or elsewhere.
Put it on and go back to where this takes you.
Close your eyes.
Maybe even let it drive you to get up and start moving your body.

What do you feel?
Where are you?
Who is with you?
What smells are there?

This is emotion engineering. You can do this whenever you choose. You can do the same thing with a favorite meal. You alway have a choice about your attitude and effort.

Have a great day. Thanks for your time.

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