Some would say that the key to everything in life is our ability to move, shape, create, and manage energies that exist in and around us. I think the best course of action is to manage the energies inside ourselves first and that work might take most of us the rest of our lives. After a good portion of growth, evolution, learning, understanding, and a bit of mastery in the realm of managing the energies inside ourselves we’ve earned the right to start looking outward. The key to understanding these are the key to “success”. Success for me means happy, safe, and at peace, in alignment with the world.

It could be said that the first line of inquiry is to simply begin to sort through how and what sensations we’re experiencing inside ourselves. I’m using the term sensations and energies alongside emotions. All of them having physical manifestations in the body. Check out this list of questions to walk yourself through a mini check in with yourself around a sensation you feel right now;

Is it an emotion?
What emotion is it?
What information is being delivered through the physical sensations?
What is it attached to from my past?
What part of it can be let go?
Needs action?
Needs inaction?

I know that earlier in my life and still at times today I simply can’t feel the natural sensations that are delivering information to me. Although this is happening all the time I can shut that off. This has been a positive attribute at times and at other times, not so much. And at times I can feel something but not actually know what it is because I don’t slow down long enough to fully experience it. Then to begin to sort through where it’s coming from.

Most of us have been taught to have our shit together at all times. We receive messaging and imprinting all our lives to have everything sorted out, buttoned up, nice and neat. But the truth is that we’re often a swirl of energies inside. Many times to the point of distraction from making decisions in healthy ways and purposefully living our lives. Making sense of what society is imprinting on us, having it together, and actually getting down with the “messiness” inside ourselves can prove to be a paradox. Good luck.

The opportunity:

What is a part of your life that brings challenge and discomfort?
Are you committed to look at this part of your life to examine it?
What beliefs are wrapped up in this discomfort that are delivering you messages?
How can you update the messages and beliefs?

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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