I’ve talked about commitment before. I believe it’s the foundation for accomplishing anything, whether it’s a successful relationship, a health goal, business venture, or finding the depths of one’s own soul. You have to commit.

The state we’re in when we make commitments always shifts. There’s a half life on the enthusiasm we felt. We feel good, inspired, and excited about something. We are enthused to make our way towards something and then, at some point, there’s a cliff we drop off of and we wonder why we ever thought it was a good idea.

You feel me here?

What’s the solution- awareness and consciousness. Pro tip-that’s my solution for everything. We have to understand what we do and why we do it. If we’re unaware of ourselves then we’re flying blind… in the fog… in unknown territory… with the flu… drunk… zbasically we’re fucked.

Once we gain the knowledge of how we operate we can then manage ourselves and understand how to leverage our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses.

We all need to work on these two important facets;

Doing the things we need to that we aren’t so we’re headed towards our long term goals. Here are a few words that signify what I’m talking about; motivation, willpower, and effort.

Stopping doing things that aren’t in alignment with our long term goals. Here are a few words that signify what I’m talking about; regulation, containment, and self control.

What is one thing that you know you need to do less and what is one thing that you need to do more? And what do you need to do to make those things happen when your enthusiasm leaves you?

Thanks for your time.

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