A main way to improve our lives and impact our reality in the way we want is by receiveing feedback. Our interface with others and understanding how we relate with them is key to having greater success in any relationship. How better to fix the shit you’re fucking up than by someone telling you about it and you hearing it, fixing it, and integrating a new way of doing it?

Whether this is how we are in bed in sexually pleasing our partner(s), how we perform at our jobs, what we’re doing when we try to do something new. etc. etc. You get it.

Steps for processing critical (usable) feedback.

1. Consider the source of the feedback and that particular individual’s unique energy and stance. Where are they coming from?How much ego is involved in the feedback? (There always is some.)
2. Sift through and find the relevant information that’s being delivered. What are they trying to say beyond your interpretation and wounded ego?
3. Seek to see what % of the truth is contained in that information. I find that there’s always truth no matter how small in what theyre trying to tell you. Then decide if the information is actionable. Do you want to actually work to make a change in this area?
4. Then… are you abandoning yourself? Or using this to not accept yourself? Do you get discouraged and then disengage from the dynamic? (I suck, why do I even try? What’s wrong with me?)
5. Remember that you’re human, it’s hard to hear critical things about ourselves, this is all normal.

Rinse, recycle, repeat as needed.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day and a great week!

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