Most of us want to change. We want to evolve, to make shifts, and oftentimes to become better. For me that means more happiness, more safety in my relationships (for both me and other’s being safe from me… certain parts of me), and finally a ton more peace and ease.

Love is where it’s at for me. Lately I’ve discovered this shift where I’m concentrating on less seeking and more transmitting. I’ve spend a good part of my life trying to get people to love me more. It’s been an all consuming project at times. Me. Me. Me. I’ve mentioned this in other writings but here’s the juice…

We can’t shift or change anything until we have a bit of an idea that it can be different. We have to Discover other options that we entertain as possible Choices of how our life can be different. 

I argue and will Indian leg wrestle anyone to prove my point that seeing new ideas and discovering that we have alternate options will come from inquiry. We must inquire. That inquiry is us going into ourselves and asking questions.

For me, that dynamic pretty much always comes from inquiry and examination of my beliefs, thoughts, choices, approach, and my positions for or against whatever.

After we discover that we have different choices we have to actually exercise them. If you want to be different you have to choose different. I know myself and humans well enough to know that when we make new choices it’s awkward and uncomfortable. 

That’s when that little voice chirps up and says,

”This is stupid.” 

“It’s never going to work.” 

“Things aren’t actually all that bed.” 

And so on. 

Some choices actually are bad and that’s why it’s risky. They can have negative consequences or… they’re just really uncomfortable. Is it comfortable to open our hearts wide and be vulnerable? YES! Is it comfortable to face a situation where there’s a high likeliness of rejection, whether that be our ideas, our hearts, our desires? NO! It’s not easy and that’s why we stay the same.

And to make things even more challenging we have to make those hard choices over and over until it’s Integrated. We have to take action. Action is what’s measurable. Action is where we do laps to lay down a groove that will be the guide for the new route. This is where the highly conscious act of ritual becomes a Pattern or a routine.

After enough action and pattern setting is when life actually gets reordered. That’s what we call the new norm and change is achieved.

Simple, right? Why haven’t you already done it?

The opportunity:

What do you do to be in inquiry?

What stops you from taking action?

Where in this pathway do you quit?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!