Pure potential, creativity, and changes happen from stillness.

I’m not a neuro scientist, although I like to think I play one on TV, but this I know for sure, the brain and other parts of our being require the isolation of ourselves from the world for periods of time.

I’ve worked with literally thousands people. No lie. From that pool of people I can recognize similarities that help me form general ideas about what works with us humans.

One of the things that I know works is creating shifts from stillness. Stillness is my descriptor for sitting still and removing all stimulus. Not moving, not listening to anything or watching anything and not eating or walking your dog. It’s sitting still and breathing and thinking.

There are 1440 minutes in the day. For the most part we’ve been conditioned to fill all of those minutes with some action, something functional, or something with the intention of production so it goes against our surface nature. Have you ever thought this to yourself? “I just need to be alone and gather my thoughts.” Or “I’d like to just get away and find some peace and quiet.” Deep inside all of us is this yearning.

Sitting still and doing nothing for a period of time creates space. Space in our day, space in our minds, and our soul. The space that’s created is where magical things happen. That space can be directed and shaped to find new things that haven’t yet gotten onto our radar.

Stillness is where we access the unknown and explore the possibility to integrate what we don’t know into what we do know.

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