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Petrol for the Soul #167

January 13, 2020

Start your week how you start your mornings… with proper nutrition so you can tackle your day. So… tackle your mindset for the week with this. (It’s just a start.) Something beautiful; Something thought provoking; The wild card; Thanks for your time, have a great week.

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Dual existence.

January 10, 2020

We truly live in many alternate realities. We do this all day long and throughout our lives. We live in the past. We live in our fantasies. We also live in the past and in our fantasies and don’t even realize we’re doing it. This is what I describe as time folding over on itself […]

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Petrol for the Soul #166

January 6, 2020

Monday, feed your brain good stuff at the start of the week. Something beautiful; Something thought provoking; Dying is Absolutely Safe – Awareness Beyond Death The wild card(for inspiration); Thanks for your time, have a great week!

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Setting the example.

January 3, 2020

For my first blog of 2020 I’m going to change perspective just a little bit. Here’s to the start of a new decade. I often talk about how I can get you to see something, how I can help you change and have a better life, make more money, and get whatever your little heart […]

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Petrol for the Soul #165

December 30, 2019

It’s Monday right now in certain places in the world. And since I live in Washington DC my world is based around Eastern Standard Time. It’s been a great year, a powerful year, with tons of intensity. I hope that the intention of Petrol for the Soul has come forth for you here. Work your […]

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The end of 2019 and the end of a decade, 2010-2019.

December 27, 2019

What did you do? What have you created? Most importantly, who have you become? “We usually overestimate what we think we can accomplish in one year-but we grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade.”-Tony Robbins At the end of another year I offer some ideas for examination to assess what you’ve done that […]

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Petrol for the Soul #164

December 23, 2019

It’s Monday, it’s late December and it’s the perfect time to work on your mindset. Learn. Grow. Appreciate. Manage your mind and create the life you want to. Something beautiful; Something thought provoking; The wild card; Thanks for your time, have a great week.

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Life, the world, and your place in it.

December 20, 2019

Society has some basic rules for life; have a good job, a good family unit, the right hair, car, partner, blah blah blah… From the watch you wear to the purse you carry the markers for belonging are fairly mapped out. When we don’t comply or fall on the correct side of societies boundaries the […]

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Petrol for the Soul #163

December 16, 2019

Good day. My Monday, 12:00p ET blog is all about mindset. It came about a few years ago when I was talking to a friend about how we’re bombarded by negative media content on Facebook and elsewhere. Two things came of that; this blog that has curated, positive content, and the idea that we can […]

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There is no bypass. There is no shortcut.

December 13, 2019

One of our basic human needs is evolution. We all want to grow. This makes sense in our pursuit of higher states of consciousness. It’s also why the #woke movement is happening. In this day and age of amazon prime, one day shipping or even same day delivery. We can leverage opportunities but in the […]

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