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Petrol for the Soul #203

September 21, 2020

Mindset work coming in hot. Enjoy! More thoughts on sleep with Jocko where Peter Attia tells a really great story about pulling ER rotations. Caveat emptor on the wild card this week. I warned you… Something beautiful: Something thought provoking: The wild card: Thanks for your time, have a great week!

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Avoiding intimacy…

September 18, 2020

Yep, you have unconscious drivers that cause you to drift off and lose touch with the ones you love. You go to sleep and wake up with an abyss between you and your partner(s). There are many reasons why: like fear of rejection, fear of being used, losing control, or the good ole-I’m not lovable […]

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Petrol for the Soul #202

September 14, 2020

Mindset. It’s as important now as it’s ever been. What are you doing to manage yours? Check out another video on sleep and how important it is in the second video today. And you HAVE TO check out the dog in the last video!!! Something beautiful: Something thought provoking: The wild card: Thanks for your […]

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Nothing Really Matters

September 11, 2020

Everyone I know believes they’re unloveable at one point or another. Some their whole lives. Damn! Because of this we all develop schemes or tactics to get the love we so desperately need. We please, we perform, we strike deals around money, or some other exchange or transaction. Are you on the hamster wheel of […]

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Petrol for the Soul #201

September 7, 2020

All right, celebrating the 200th week of Petrol for the Soul is over so let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program of strict mindset management. How are you doing at regulating your media content? I’m all about biohacking and living my best life. Check out what caffeine and alcohol does to our bodies. Something […]

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Embracing Impermanence

September 4, 2020

The title alone seems to be a contradiction in terms. As I write this the most I can muster up is to simply “allow” impermanence which is a joke I know since I’m not in a place of power to allow or not allow anything right now. I liken it to getting comfortable with the […]

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Petrol for the Soul #200 WOW!!!

August 31, 2020

For the last 200 weeks (nearly four years) of Petrol for the Soul I’ve harped on you to manage your mindset. It’s your responsibility, your right, and your life. What we think and what we focus on creates our experience. We always have the ability to manage our attitude and effort. (Frankl) I started Petrol […]

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The power of facing negative emotions

August 28, 2020

Everyone I know has said to themselves at one time,“I hate the way I feel.” Our lives are often filled with negative experiences, emotions, and sensations. Yep, it’s just part of the human experience. And we’re hardwired to move away from that. We do this by many different means: distractions, hyperarousal (feeling something more intense […]

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Petrol for the Soul #199

August 24, 2020

Good day and welcome to your week. So… have you been working on your mindset? For all you alpha males out there the third video is for you. Yeah, you’re a badass. Something beautiful: Something thought provoking: The wild card: Have a great week!

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Choice 101

August 21, 2020

At certain times in life we all find ourselves at that level of consciousness where we’re wanting something, not getting it, and not being honest with ourselves why. I want to see if I can simply this for you. Delusions are tricky. Ahem. Certain things in life are clearly attainable. It’s not rocket science or […]

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