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Petrol for the Soul #106

November 12, 2018

Good day! It’s Monday the 12th of November. Please enjoy these curated content to engineer your day and week. It’s all about love, what you can learn from the cold, and Michael Phelps story about depression. Michael Phelps talks about depression here. Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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Non-Verbal Communication

November 9, 2018

A thing I do in my work often is help people understand themselves at deeper and deeper levels and I especially help them interpret how that self knowledge relates to their connection with others; whether that’s intimately, familial, business, or up and down some hierarchy in an organization. One important factor to successful connections, of […]

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Petrol for the Soul #105

November 5, 2018

I hope you’re having a good Monday. Here is your dose of curated media content intended to inspire, evoke curiosity, and recognize the beauty in people. Here is an article talking about the link between our ability to think and cortisol. Have a great week.

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Worthy and Deserving

November 2, 2018

In the last week I’ve gotten to have a really good look, again, at being worthy. Within my own life and in several different conversations. People are made up of many different voices and parts. The different voices are constantly telling us contradicting messages. One of those voices has most people believe, at least some […]

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Petrol for the Soul #104

October 29, 2018

I’ve been curating inspiring, fascinating, beautiful, and informative content for 104 weeks now. Two years old. This came about several years ago from a conversation I was having with a friend. He was talking about how he could somehow get into facebook and effect the algorithms to make Facebook show positive content at a specif ratio […]

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October 26, 2018

I hear all the time when I work with people that they think *so and so should just know*, wrong!! Expectations are best established by communicating them and having some agreements about them. At the very least some loose understandings. Have you ever been wanting or expecting someone to do something that they never did? […]

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Petrol for the Soul #103

October 22, 2018

Happy Monday. Some insightful, some funny, and some informative. Which one do you need the most today? Here is an article about self care. Gold mine. Have a great week. Talk to you on Friday.

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Information and Emotions

October 19, 2018

Our lives are made up of many many systems that are kept in balance to achieve a certain level of happiness, safety and ease. The combination and blending of different systems in healthy and elegant ways makes life #good. Done in shitty ways… yeah, you guessed it, life feels pretty fucked. We take in information […]

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Petrol for the Soul #102

October 15, 2018

What if I told you that you could manage your mood and not get stressed out as easily or angry like a bull if you wanted to? Do you know how you go to an action movie and come out feeling like blowing stuff up and like you’re a badass? Movies have a way of […]

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The purposeful life.

October 12, 2018

Default versus planned out. Certain things will need to be taken care of in life whether you like it or not. The difference is that you can do it proactively or it can happen by default. Obviously both paths are utilized by people and have advantages but… which is right for you? Kind of like […]

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