Things The Ego Dislikes

1. Stillness
2. Vulnerability
3. Meditation
4. Oneness
5. Acceptance
6. Surrender
7. Asking for help
8. Looking inward
9. Listening to others
10. Opening ourselves to love
11. Looking beyond the physical

Catchy list and… what does it mean?

I’ve been examining the ego for a long time. Mine, others, general, etc. I hear things like “ego death” and the “ego is the enemy”.

I’m certainly not an expert but I’ve come to understand how the ego and the mind interact with my brain and bully it’s way around to get with it wants. It can’t happen without hijacking what visceral responses I’m experiencing in my body.

Fear is the primary tool of my ego. Fear is so persuasive in driving me to get what it wants. It works! Where and how fear exists in my body is powerful and controlling. Here’s the deal, I’m doing this to myself. One part of me is doing this to other parts of me. I know this. I know this and it’s impossible to completely stop it. I can manage it sometimes but not always.

When I’m not careful my entire existence becomes oriented around surviving. Depending on my consciousness level surviving means different things but the loop I find myself in can be the proof that I exist is that I feel pain. So… pain equals existence and this is my reality.

What I actually believe is that my ego is a tool. It is me but it’s not the one conducting the orchestra. It would convince me of that if/when it gets its way. That’s the exciting thing about this journey is to keep retrieving my time, energy, and existence back under my management and not my ego.

The opportunity:

You guessed it! Pick some things off the list above and create some deeper intimacy with your ego.

My favorites right now are 1., 10., and 11.

Thanks for your time, have a great day!