My work for the last year and a half has been about gaining a really deep understanding of priorities in life. (What do I want to do with my time that’s important to me?)

What we spend most of our time on reflects the things that are actually important to us, plain and simple. At this point there’s one thing that’s for sure and that is that our time and priorities should reflect the preciousness of life. And if you’ve been following along my blog for a while now you can probably see that acknowledging the preciousness of life must have something to do with the fact that we’re going to die.

The key to this is a balance or harmonizing of our lives to reflect the optimal use of our time. Lots of people come to me with what they think are their priorities and sometimes they’re right, often times they need to update them.

So if we spend time at work… guess what? Work is important to us. Maybe it’s for money, maybe it’s for recognition? Maybe it’s because our job solves the worlds problems? Or maybe it’s because our prioritization of it is old and outdated? Maybe we spend lots of time watching tv? Or surfing porn? The question is, what is that accomplishing and why is that important to you?

One of the things I love to do is continually optimize my time and priorities to be in greater and greater alignment. For me, optimization happens by creating a system or pattern then I polish it and polish it to be in the groove or flow. The greater the alignment, the more fulfilled I feel.

Life is about managing tension and energy. This is less of a game of either/or and more of a game of managing complex situations and dynamic to find the “sweet spot”.

If you’re not in alignment with what’s important to you, you’re going to feel tension and out of sorts. At the same time if you’re striving to be great you’re still going to have to face turmoil and struggle. So the choice if yours.

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