Attenuating your effort and exertion is one of the most wise ways to create the life you’re trying to. There is a spectrum of effort and exertion. I’ve talked about time domains before. Some tasks are short term and some are long term. Discernment is a necessity in determining what’s the best plan.

Many people put forth very little effort and for not very long only to give up. They end up making excuses, blame, and saying they lacked some specific ingredient and/or resource. I’ve been here and still run this dog and pony show from time to time.

Others make everything really really hard, burn out, compare themselves to others and revel in their superior effort. They actually get off on working their ass off. I’ve been here too. “Do you see how hard I’m working. I’m trying really really hard.”

The idea I want to have you entertain is that it’s not a constant effort, especially a longer term project with shifting variables. Simply put, your efforts have to change. If you pay attention and stay awake you can see this and adjust accordingly.

For example, at the inception of most undertakings things come pretty easy. Fast gains occur. There’s a big vacuum and plenty of excitement to ride out. But that will change and if you’re awake you can do the dance to keep your eye on the prize and prevail.

This includes starting a new fitness regime, starting to lose weight, a marriage or other relationship, new job, etc etc. It’s different at the start and surely will change.

Later gains and learning becomes more challenging. Losing the last few pounds or percentage points of bodyfat? Staying curious and engaged about that intimate partner that you start to feel like you already know everything there is to them. The job that becomes a grind and is boring now that all the novelty Is gone and you see that it’s really a lot like your old job.

I guess this is called the law of diminishing returns. Or the curve. That’s why often people settle and become jaded and resentful. But it’s you who didn’t properly measure how much and for how long you need to dance to keep things on track and to get what you want.

The opportunity;

Can you easily follow through on a challenging one month commitment? Two months? One year? Four year? Ten year?

Are you running a 5K race at a marathon pace or are you running a marathon at a 100 meter pace?

Some commitments have a time domain or forever, are you playing the forever game?

Take some time and sit with this. Have fun.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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