So here’s the deal… you say you’re on a mission, you say you want to help make the world a better place but where are you still just running away from responsibilities and ignoring your commitments and obligations elsewhere?

I offer some things to think about;

You’re chasing your dreams, you’re stroking your ego doing “good” work to help others but you’re still hurting the people you love back at home. In some ways you might still be a fraud and just presenting a “version” of yourself. The I’m helping the world version.

I’m not saying you won’t do good. I’m not saying you won’t have an overall positive effect. What I’m saying is that there are still facets/places in your life that are left lagging and ignored.

Why? Why do we do this? Is it a “things are going good enough” excuse we tell ourselves instead of finding overall balance? Is it too hard or do we believe it’s impossible to live in harmony and peace?

Chasing your mission in life has a dark side. Unfortunately, we often create a reality where we pursue some vision of the world that we’re intent on creating that has negative outcomes for others. And each stratus of life we operate in working towards our mission and vision has obstacles and negative outcomes until we finally reside in something that’s for the good of all.

The pursuit of our dreams can actually diminish others ability for others to have their dreams fulfilled. Is your mission in life going to end up benefitting everyone of will it compromise some?

A powerful facet in each of us is the ability to be myopic and create a focused tunnel vision to reach a goal with difficult obstacles along the way. This is amazing and… it can have unintended impacts and consequences.

I see fathers who work and work and work so that their family can have comforts and safety but they end up being absent from their families lives. I see people forgo aspects of their health in order to give of themselves in passion projects or volunteering. What I’m getting at is at what point do we lose sight of the overall outcome and not see when our priorities become skewed?

What’s your version of shifting priorities and compromises with the important people in our lives?

I know myself pretty well and I do this and I recognize in others as well that we have a way of bargaining our way around these dynamics. We tell ourselves stories and excuses to make it okay. Well… I’m calling you out if you can hear it.

The opportunity;

What’s your negative impact on the people you care the most about?
What do you people who are tired of your shit say about you?
Are you willing to admit that in order to be the best version of yourself you need to be told things you don’t want to hear?

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