How do we change? How do we go from one way of being to another?

Humans are amazing, we adapt to our environments to try to get what we think we need. The key to that is knowing what need we’re focused on, whether conscious or unconscious.

Change and growth happens with a few simple ingredients. The combination of them is generally all that’s needed in order to become a different version of ourselves. I was talking to a friend and I discovered that it was missing that the amounts of them should be measured.

Pain comes in many forms. My idea is that doing anything different than we’ve grown accustomed to creates tension and discomfort. Even good things. So change needs to include pain. This is where I’ll weave in that there are two types of change: doing certain things less or doing certain things more. And if it’s different it will feel awkward.

I’ve recently been looking a bit into feeling joy and pleasure.(more to come on that later) What I’ve noticed and also experienced is that even pleasure can be uncomfortable. Yeah, bare with me.

Whatever the reason for avoiding it or inhibiting it, allowing pleasure is actually a bad thing for a lot of people in life. So… in order to change how we feel about it we have to face the discomfort we feel when we do experience it.

Then comes the intention part. All of our bad habits happen without thinking about it. They’re automatic. That’s why creating new habits is so hard we have to actually try with them.

New habits are said to take sixty six days to get integrated. That’s the time part of the equation, we have to do things over and over for a period of time or we’ll just default.

The opportunity:

I’m throwing the gauntlet down on you here. My challenge is simple:

What is something that you’re currently not doing that you commit to do for 40 minutes every single day for the next 66 days?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!