I hope your Monday is going well. I’ve been doing petrol for the soul on Mondays for over two years now. I think it’s time for just a little bit of a change. I’ve been putting out curated content with the intention of providing positive, beautiful, thought provoking, and basically cool stuff to aid in the pursuit of a stronger mindset and positive psychic infrastructure.  It’s been without any real specific makeup.

What I’m going to be doing from here moving forward is to provide three pieces each week; one will be something artistic (music, dance, things of that sort), another will be something thought provoking, and the last will be extra credit, the wild card (something weird or wild, maybe satire, or celebration of human achievement or accomplishment).


Thought Provoking;

Wild Card (satire this week);

Here is an amazing article about tantrums and Toys R Us. Enjoy

Thanks for your time. Have a great week.


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