In these times, we access (or are bombarded by) countless types of input that we fuel ourselves with. I think the majority of these are unhealthy and when a conscious account is taken, they really don’t give us life. The way I put it is that they don’t put soul dollars in the bank. And if you’re like me you’re wanting to put soul dollars in the bank so you can spend them on things that are important to you.

So I offer an alternative…

On Monday, depending on where you are in the world, I post “Petrol for the Soul” so that you can view, read or listen to them throughout the week. I plan to do this for the indefinite future. My hope is to offer what I believe to be engaging, interesting things for you to put in your sphere.

These things are songs, videos, articles, or talks. There is good in the world, there is beauty, and there’s love. Enjoy

Something beautiful:

Something thought provoking:

The wild card:

Thanks for your time, have a great week.

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