In this time of pursuit towards wokeness and so many of us toying with raising our consciousness we hear the term “playing small”. We “feel” that we’re operating at 50% and that we’re not meeting our potential.

Does this mean our lives could be better? Bigger? Fuller? Does it mean that we could be more successful? Or how about have a bigger impact on the world? It could mean all of those and then some.

My argument is that it could simply mean that we tell our authentic truth 100% of the time. And I don’t mean this “I need to speak my truth” thing that people have begun to get behind for the last couple decades. It’s not an attempt to find power and reclaim something like that it’s deeper.

I play games. I’ve done it for years. Shaping my words and strategizing how they’ll land. I’ve done it to be persuasive or manipulative. What’s important to note is that this is done for my own gain.

I want to illustrate the difference of where we all can be coming from.

On one hand we can be living through our hearts and when we do we tend to be in communication with ourselves and others from our deeper truth. On the other side we’re speaking through our schemes and mental frameworks to get things or as a way to not lose things we want. We’re attached to getting the “thing” rather than being attached to our own heart and soul.

I believe it’s important to state that we’re almost always transporting ourselves across space and time. When we do that we live through not only old versions of ourselves but we’re accessing specific voices and entities that have different needs and different fears. Those differences drastically impact how I seek to get my needs met and the games begin.

I live through childlike, immature, scared parts of myself from time to time. (Okay, maybe a lot… )

So now hear me out… we also have a version of us that’s being formed and lived out in real time. It’s in this moment that exists right now that we can actually make changes to who we are and manage to shape our future. Change occurs in the present, in the now.

So playing small or not living our true potential may or may not be about having something and more about “being” something.

Each of us has the opportunity to be expanding our consciousness at all times. To be growing, evolving, and changing for the better. My invitation is to find the leading edge of your consciousness and spend more time there. It’ll require courage, commitment, and energy.

The opportunity:

What would you say to the people in your life if you spoke from your heart (your deepest truth) rather than your head?

Are there certain people in your life that would welcome that and deserve it? Are there people who don’t?

What is the smallest step you can take towards changing your life today?

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