First, I couldn’t talk about purpose without talking about living life by accident. I’ve been there, and most people I know have lived or do live in such a way that life kind of just happens to them rather than fully participating in shaping this world. The main thing that helped me live on purpse and create my reality the way I wanted was to take responsibility… for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly. If you can’t own the fucked up things you do then you likely aren’t going to be able to own the brilliant things that are inside you waiting to burst out and sprinkle love dust from here to god knows where.

Here’s the deal, we’re hard wired to contribute to the world, it’s a basic need we have as humans. Somewhere inside of each and every one of us there’s a fire and if it were delivering a message it would be saying, “Add something to your community, make a splash, help, create change, serve others.” And maybe even leave a healthy legacy that we’re proud. I always say that I just want to live a life that’s worthy of how much my dog loves me. She’s ferociously in love with me. I also know that’s what I yearned for more than anything when I was a child- acceptance and unconditional love.

Wentworth Miller said this when speaking at the Human Rights Campaign in Seattle, “Let me be to someone else what no one was to me.” You can watch a cool clip where he says that here.

I think you know what you needed when you were younger… joy, acceptance, to have fun, unconditional love, safety, to be taught, given attention, to feel like you belonged, or made important- it could be a million other things but there’s something that you wanted and needed.

I also believe that you know what it felt not to get it and also how wonderful it felt when you did receive that particular thing that you ached for. There’s a sensation you feel somewhere in your body that’s associated with you receiving and giving that. Your purpose is likely to give that to the world. To spread that, to add that particular contribution in an effort to shape this world in the way that only you know how to.

Thank you for your valuable time. Have a great day!

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