I have another idea to share about specific places in our cycles of life around growth and expansion. Some people aren’t busy enough and others are too busy. Yes, there is such a thing as too busy. Read on.

Be productive, kick ass, drive yourself to the limits. Go, go, go… Busy, busy, busy is the way to get on top! Get lots done. Most of us have been taught to go hard and get lots done. And some actually do go hard and get lots done and others don’t. Let’s face it, we also use it to look good and prize our time. “I’m really busy.” “I don’t really have the time.” Does any of this sound familiar?

The constant messages and imprinting to do “everything, all the time” have been dropped into our psyche throughout time.

“You get what you work for not what you wish for…“
“Without labor nothing prospers…”
“It’s about hard work and relentless drive for constant progress…”
“Hustle and get shit done…”
“All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point…”

Being productive, kicking ass, driving ourselves to the limits does have a payoff… and it also has a cost, so here’s where this becomes a major problem… you’re so busy that you no longer control your own life. And you can’t introduce anything new into a schedule that’s full. People around us suffer; kids, spouse, partners, friends, and other important relationships… oh, yeah, your health too.

Being busy and productive is really great when things are humming along and you’re kicking ass.

But because life is constantly changing and evolving, what do you do when things quit humming along and kicking ass?
How do you get your head above water to actually access the part of your brain that’s creative and can solve more complex problems?
How do you change something to make it even better so you level up or just get back on top of things when you have a downturn?
When and where to you update your systems that need to be updated?

You have to get yourself to slow down. Even though slowing down is scary and often counter intuitive, we have to create space to be in a different state of mind. We have to be less frantic and crazy so that we can recognize that a change needs to be facilitated.

I say all of this because true success is also about catching things that are falling apart sooner. It’s about seeing a problems coming rather than clearing up messes. Whether they’re logistical or social, messes can be seen if you’re paying attention and solutions can be considered and implemented.

The opportunity;

Why do you take on more than you can handle?
Who suffers the negative impacts of your busy life?
Are you specifically giving special attention to your health?
Who normally helps you recognize you need to slow down?
Where do you access an outside perspective to see what you can’t see?

Thanks for your time, have a great day and a great weekend.

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