I love to manage my life. I manage the fuck out of it. I love making commitments and tenacity… to a fault. I’m also guilty of control, which can be good at times, but this isn’t about that. A lot of what I think makes life good is the balance of what seems like opposites.

Power and control on one side with surrender and ease on the other.

Where I come face to face with my control issue is where I inappropriately try to control things that I can’t. As ridiculous as that sounds we all do it. There are things about life that simply are what they are.

I can’t win any battle fought when it comes to being taller than I am, being better looking, or any other physical reality. I simply can’t control that. Can not!

This also carries over to plenty of logistical things too. I’ve been traveling in Europe for about two months. Throughout that time I’ve kept the intention to work this very thing-where do I need to push to create/get what I want/need? Where do I need surrender?

Welcome Covid. Anybody else tired of not being able to control the outcomes of Covid?This isn’t about just Covid but it has provided the latest opportunity to see where “just being like water” will help me retain peace within myself and where that’s a good thing. I’ve never been one to “roll over” on what I’m told to do so it’s been an amazing journey to weigh and measure the cost and impact of simply complying in different situations.

At a certain point the reality of my international travels requires what it requires. Certain countries require the green pass to get into restaurants and gyms. I fought that many times at gyms where they wouldn’t let me. But I have to work out… or do I? Or maybe I need to adapt to outdoor workouts, or home workouts, or some other way that was outside what I had attached my to.

Certain things require certain things and time takes time.

The fight that I found myself fighting was creating agitation for longer than if I just surrendered and did what was needed to get what I wanted long term or adapt my approach.

Patience, surrender, and discernment are all qualities of an evolved sovereign quadrant. We have to recognize and discern what we can actually control. And for the greater good of our entire being we have to know when and how to surrender and let go of our attachments. And if we’re to make it through everything that’s happening we’re all going to get way cozier with patience.

The opportunity:

Where do you actually need to take more control in your life?

Where do you need to simply surrender and let go in your life?

Where do you need to take ownership of a situation or decisions?

Where do you need to relinquish running the show?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!