If you slow down and look around you will see what you really want.

Carolyn Elliot says,“Having is evidence of wanting.” Which is an amazing and modern paraphrase to what Carl Jung is famous for saying,”Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it Fate.”

Look around and you’ll see what you want because your subconscious is already creating it. Physically-your home, your car, what is all around you reflects plenty of your consciousness but it also reflects a lot more of your unconscious. Relationally-your connections and the tone and vibration of those connections reflect what a part of you wants. Tension… yep, some part of you wants it and creates it. Numbness… for sure. Like I’ve said in other content, there’s a very good reason why your heart is breaking and you’re failing to create meaningful connections in the way you say you want. Part of you wants that.

There are times when I’ve been confused about why my life was going the way it was. Confusion is an indicator that shadow is afoot. I still get confused. What I know is that I choose confusion over facing the truth of what’s going on around me. I resist accepting my reality and rather than get in sync with the universe I play dumb.

I’ve learned to look around and recognize the clues that show me what my shadow is up to when I act like the life I’m living seems different than what I tell myself and everyone else I actually want.

Knowing the truth. Mining truth means that I’m seeking and spending time in inquiry to see where I’m wrong. Spoiler… I’m wrong about so many things. If I’m not careful I convince myself that I don’t like to be wrong and won’t let myself be wrong. When that happens I stay stuck and keep my world as small as it needs to be in order to keep living that status quo. But I believe we need to be letting go of illusions in order to find peace and happiness.

Facing the truth. I love disappointing experiences. That’s the truth that I get to face head on. And damn it, it not easy to face. I get to feel all worked up and tense. I get to feel like a victim too, which is one of my favorites. Why? I’m used to it. It’s the particular stratus of quality that I’m used to my reality existing in so it’s familiar. The work, for me, is about trading in those lower quality experiences for higher and higher quality experiences that I call life. This is where fear becomes excitement. When I release myself and let go of tension, control, and hyper vigilance the ride then gets to become more thrilling and enjoyable.

The opportunity:

Based on the world that you surround yourself with, what do you really want?

What truth do you need to face?

How will you change that?

What do you need to release?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!