I like things simple, maybe to a fault at times. Quotes like this make a lot of sense to me,”Complexity is the enemy of execution.” And another good quote follows the same idea,”Paralysis by over analysis.” I do appreciate complexity and know full well that life can be very complex, sometimes though I believe it’s best to get really clear. The simpler the idea the easier it is to stay focused on it.

The first point I’ll try to make is to address that very thing- Sometimes we get unclear, unfocused, and distracted so that we don’t do things that we say we want to. Here’s where I start bossing you around… to start, what we all need to get clear about and start executing on is why are you on this earth? If you don’t know the answer to that, get to work. What do you want to do with your time that’s important to you and who with?

For me, my existence is centered around love and connection. My work is to learn how to expand my capacity for love. I believe that love is on connection spectrum and love happens to be the deep stuff when it comes to connection. So I know I want to love more… or better. I can do this while working any job, while at the gym, getting coffee, etc etc, and so can you.

My work then is easy-remove blockages on one side and expand my capacity on the other. (I think it’s all blockages.) If I’m doing anything other than connecting and loving I’m not doing what I’m meant to do and I need to do something different. This is totally my responsibility. I often do things that are accessory work to build these things up and if I’m not careful I get lost in them. This is human nature.

The disclaimer here is that this is my mission and priority in life and doesn’t have to be yours. But you do need to find out why you’re here and how you’re going to fulfill your obligation of existence. Or maybe put it off for another day…

The opportunity:

What causes you to close your heart?

What distracts you?

What priority is too high?

What priority is too low?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!