Mindset has more than one facet. Last week I attempted to talk about how to do some preemptive training leading up to challenging events in life in order to stay on track and keep your shit in one sock. But how about after the fact? How do you manage mindset after you’ve already lost your shit? What do you do when you have one of those days when everything is wrong and it just won’t stop?

Once in a while, no matter what, you’re going to get in a shitty mindset where everything feels like it’s fucked. And when that happens and your mindset goes in the shitter, what do you do?

Your clothes don’t fit right.
Your hair looks horrible.
You’re feeling like an idiot and can’t make good decisions.
Your dog doesn’t love you anymore.
The world is out to get you.
Clients won’t do what you want them to.
You don’t have enough time.
Your kids won’t do what you want.
Your partner isn’t attractive anymore.
People don’t love you.
They don’t value you.
The list goes on and on… I don’t know your exact version

Here’s the deal, nothing has changed. Your hair is the same. Your partner is the same. Clients/customers/patients are all the same. All of life is doing what life does, it’s the world just operating the way it does and humans doing, well… human stuff.

You’ve changed. You went to sleep whether that was literally or figuratively and your reality and perspective has defaulted back to some old version where the stories in your mind have started to wake the gremlins that eat your brain. “The sky is falling.” The only way to fight it is to lose your shit and fall apart… wrong. You need an intervention. You need to have a shift, an awakening, or some type of positive attitude adjustment. You’re attached to something and you’ve convinced yourself it’s vital to your existence but it’s not and you need to reorient yourself to what’s really important. Remember… what’s really, truly important to you and how do you bring that into the forefront of your consciousness? Take some deep breaths, notice you’re spinning out of control, examine what you’re tweaked about, and decide if it is, I fact, worthy of losing your shot over, and relax. You’ll get more done, easier, and do a better job when you’re calm and relaxed.

Life happens for you not to you. Sometimes you need to quit worrying about what’s going to happen in ten or twenty or fifty years to the extent that you quit living life right now and you lose all the precious moments when you’re distracted into fear, grasping, and scarcity. It’s about balancing the paradox of responsibly managing our future while experiencing life to the fullest right now!!!

Thanks for your time. Have a great day and weekend.

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