David Goggins has said in interviews, “I looked in the mirror and told myself I was fat.” I told myself this because I was.

In many places in society now we play nice. We don’t tell others or ourselves the truth. My blog I wrote recently talked about how ingrained it is to lie to ourselves. We lie more to ourselves than anyone. The problem with this is that if we lie to ourselves enough that we believe it, we don’t actually realize that we’re lying to others. We’ve convinced ourselves that we’re telling the truth.

Well, I’m not buying it. Let’s not live in a world where we tolerate that of others and especially ourselves. Just no.

In recovery circles the first step is to admit that there’s a problem. It’s simply impossible to face something or find a solution to an obstacle that we’re unwilling to look squarely in the face and own.

Are you fat?
Are you lazy?
Are you shitty with money?
Do you need to up your game somewhere but you’re putting it off?

I’ve witnessed and also been a person who beat the shit out of myself. Shame. Self flagellation and judgment. For the record these are not what I’m talking about. They might be equally as paralyzing as ignoring problems because we often don’t get past them. Again, the result is inaction.

If our first step is to see we have a problem at some point we should also take action. We should find a solution and not just think about or talk about that solution but to actually “do” the solution.

Action is the only measurable thing. So where do you actually need to take some action? Time to get busy.

The opportunity:

What do you need to tell yourself the truth about?
What do you need to take action on now?

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