I talk about fulfillment quite a bit. If you haven’t heard me talk about it yet then I’ll have to do it more. And more than talk about it, I try to live it, teach it, and help the world experience more of it.

Fulfillment is tricky. What we’ve been taught often causes us to set our sites on and put on our radar goals that are really just something that’s on the surface. Maybe we make money so we can be hospitable and generous. We may be doing this so that people will want to be around us. Not you? I know you’re working some scheme because we all are, so what is yours? Find the goals behind the goals.

The opportunity is to begin to look at our behavior critically to examine if we’re still operating from old, outdated philosophies about what we think the world is all about and find out where we’ve been believing something that’s no longer true. Somewhere, somehow there’s a place where you don’t have to “perform” to get what you need. All of us have experienced a lack of real content in our lives and feel a void within ourselves. This is often what leads to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors and choices as well as addictions, depression, or being aggressive towards the world.

Here’s what I’m really getting at, fulfillment comes from giving of ourselves to our relationships, community, and to causes that we deeply believe in. I believe our deeper yearning is to find our more authentic selves because that’s the thing that is wanted of us. If we don’t believe in ourselves then it’s pretty difficult to think that we have anything to offer.

The “us” that’s on the other side of trying to be liked.
The “us” that’s not working some scheme or charade so that people will accept us.
The “us” that behaves well whether it will gain us anything as apposed to thinking it will gain us financial success.
Add yours in here_____.

Beyond all of that strategy and tactical bullshit we have a powerfully gentle part of ourselves that is inherently wise, creative, and beautiful. That’s the part that the world needs and when we find it and serve from there we change the world. That’s the light that’s inside of you. Your unique light that’s not coming from a place of ego but from knowing that everyone has their own specific mission or vocation in life to carry out a concrete assignment that the world is calling for. Can you feel or access that fire that’s burning inside yourself that’s demanding for you to fulfill that?

Of course there are things that get in the way too. Life wouldn’t be life without some obstacles and challenges. Try these on; what will people think of me if I truly believe in myself? Who am I to change the world? Or to heal issues in my comminuties? All these things boil down to our fear that we’ll be judged and people will abandon us. That’s one of our biggest fears.

You have some choices to make… make them from your higher intellect rather than just what will make you “feel good”.

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