No matter where you’re headed you need those two things in order to get there.

I have a client who’s a helicopter pilot. She’s wicked smart but that’s not the best thing about her, she’s curious and her approach to things has a system. I LOVE systems. Something I’ve always talked about is the phenomenon of getting what you want. The “why” you want it and “how” you’re gonna get it. She gave me the phrase “Thrust and Vector”.

Whether it’s a physical place or a goal you need to know where you’re headed. (What do you want? Sometimes this is simply to want more of what you already have some of: peace, love, money, etc etc)

You need to know where you’re going and where you’re starting from so you have a vector. If you’re headed to London the direction you take depends on the starting point. Are you in Paris? Alaska?

And if you expect to actually get there you’re gonna need some thrust. Put the coals to it. If you’ve got ten years of work to do and you’re completing about a years worth of work per five years, it’s gonna be a couple lifetimes before you find a place of deep peace and wholehearted fulfillment.

I like the ten years worth of work in two or three years. Accelerated eras of growth and transformation with multiple angles of attack. Differently approaches is the way I like to hit things when hunting my shadow. Since most of the things I’m fighting (and probably you too) are basically unknown to me I figure it’s not going to do itself so I go into any work that comes on my radar to deal with things as a whole.

And you’ll need to course correct many many times along the way. But that’s what good pilots do. And for those of you that think you can just put it in autopilot… see how that’ll work for life and let me know.

The opportunity:

Let’s look at the one big thing for you right now.

Where are you starting from?

Where are you going?

What will you do to get things going?

What will you do to keep things going?

Thanks for your time this year, have a great evening, have fun, I believe in you, and I’m sending you lots of love.