Two things that are important to me are work(productivity) and fun. These things are seemingly at odds with one another. If you’re lucky, you have fun working, good for you. The simple pro tip I have for you is that the approach often taken is to look at this as a binary choice. You do one or the other rather than balancing this and to harmonize it. The thought here is to see how these things can be blended better and not run the ole either/or game. We need to have fun. We need to be rewarded, celebrated, and to experience pleasure. Integrate fun and pleasure with being useful and contributing.

The other thing that needs to be harmonized is now and later. Work now, play later or… play now, and end up working for the rest of your life… let’s do both, it an intentional and consciousness way, now and still arrive at retirement with bunch of steaks in the freezer so that you don’t have to work forever.


Here’s where the money is at. Damn, I play some games with myself. It’s crazy how sideways my mind can be around fun and pleasure. The flip is that I/we often take fun and put it into shadow. Meaning… it’s running a parallel agenda in our subconscious without us being aware or taking responsibility. We deny ourselves pleasure to the point where if/when we do experience it, we’ve made it come out dysfunctional and unhealthy.

For example, you fuck off some of your savings, or your food and fitness regime, and blow out because you’re outsourcing your fun and pleasure to an outside entity. The entity that you blame is your exiled, younger self. You act like you’ve been tricked by this outside source that disrupts you but it’s actually a lower level consciousness part of you that you’re trying to exile.

The work that needs to be done is called “parts work”, where you look at all the “parts” that live inside you that aren’t communicating, that have been ignored, that are punished and blamed for shit that you should be taking responsibility for. Make a plan to up the game of that part of you, integrate it, and create greater cooperation and harmony with fun, pleasure, career, productivity, love, etc.

The opportunity:

Where do you blame the part of you looking for fun on sabotaging your success?
Which part of you needs greater attention in order up your game and raise your consciousness?
What do you need to engineer or polish your quest for peak experiences?
Are you giving the people you love the gift of your happiness AND time?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!