“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Emerson

You do certain things to massage your reality. We all do. We try to create specific outcomes by behaving in ways and relating to others so they’ll do what we want. Sound familiar?

One of the ways that we try to create certain outcomes is by letting people off the hook when they do stuff we don’t want them to. Or… we don’t say anything when they don’t do what they said they would. We tolerate. We tolerate in many ways and in every area of our lives; our business, our intimate relationship(s), with ourselves, and with the social scenes we’re involved in.

We hold back and we hide what we’re truly thinking and wanting. We set ourselves aside and sell ourselves out. I do, you do, we all do. Welcome to humanity.

What we tolerate will continue to happen. This is simply how the world works.
What we tolerate we actually aren’t committed to changing.
What we tolerate we’re attached to.

So… commit to change, no matter what and let go of your attachments to things staying the same and risk the unknown.

Take action on the things in your life that you’re “tolerating”, take action, and do something about it or you’re just complaining. Complaining doesn’t actually do anything.

If you can’t make yourself become who you’re meant to be (you usually can’t on your own) access the people or resources you need in order to get help with that.

And do it now rather than later.

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