There’s a direct cause and effect of challenges and growth. Certain ideas like this are widely know. That’s where the term,”No pain, no gain.” comes from. We know that when we try to do anything better or greater we’ll have to face a breaking down of things. The simple example of building muscle belongs here too. We know that we exert effort, break down the muscle in order for it to be rebuilt adapted to the level demanded of it.

Unfortunately, the things that challenge us the most are also the things that provoke the opportunity to create the deepest change. I say opportunity because many don’t actually see it that way. Opportunities for change aren’t always taken or capitalized on. We’re wired for comfort and was. This is often because we shy away from challenges.

I believe our lives are a series of eras that have transitions between one to the next. Those eras end and begin with a pivot that’s created through different initiations.

Any initiation requires facing a series of challenges. Those challenges help us see our stretch, resourcefulness, value and worth. These discoveries give birth to the next interactions of ourselves.

Sometimes our struggles are self imposed or even chosen. That’s pretty nice. If even say that’s a privilege. Other times our struggles, challenges, and traumatic experiences are out of our hands.

When we’re in the depth of our struggles often the last thing we want to do is think how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to grow but as soon as you can begin to appreciate it the sooner you can start seeing struggles as spiritual tests.

The opportunity;

What challenging event from your past provided a tremendous growth?

What did you learn?

How did it change the trajectory of your life?

Who haven’t you forgiven?

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