The final week of mindset… for now.

Life is about give and take and balancing (or harmonizing) the two. We aren’t too complex but we do have a few quadrants of our lives that appreciate some specific ratios and mixtures. Do we have any martini drinkers in the house? Whether you like it dirty, dry, olives, onions (gross), gin, vodka, or whatever, you like it just so. Just the right mixture and ratio. And maybe, just maybe, your favorite mixture has changed over time.

If you haven’t gotten it by now, I talk about balance and harmony all the time, and this must be honored on a long enough time line. This goes for most things in life.

One of the top two final human needs is contribution. Giving something or yourself in some way to the world.

The great thing about gratitude is that if you’re busy being appreciate you don’t have time to bitch about how horrible your life is. They’re just incompatible. And when you’re around someone who is bitching, moaning, whining, groaning, or complaining listen closely because they are helping you recognize how great your life is and all that you have to be grateful for. You might even ask them to tell you more about how horrible their life is to help you get clear that your life is amazing.

When you’re not getting your lowest level of needs met it can be inappropriate to give of yourself. Think of the classic safety briefing on an airplane advising you to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping someone else. We gain happiness and fulfillment not from what we get but from what we give. This is only after we take care of our basic needs and responsibilities.

Gratitude and service go hand in hand. I’ve experienced different eras of my life where I was ungrateful, didn’t appreciate what I had, and just wanted for myself. Over time I appreciated more and more what I had and what was around me. It was then that I realized I had more that others, that I could share, and that many many people had helped me and provided opportunities for me.

Today, I feel like I have more than I need most of the time. I feel an abundance of love and have enough to share.

The opportunity;

Somehow start and find a place in the journal you already have to record three things you’re grateful for each day. Do this for a week.

In the same journal record three things that are beautiful that surround you.

What are you really good at? Don’t be unhealthy in your modesty, what are you good at? How can you give that to the world one time each day?

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