Do you any of these things sound familiar?

Your risk manager runs the show.
Paralyzation from the fear of screwing up.
Fear of failure.
Being totally caught up in circumventing negative outcomes
Completely terrified of the loss of time and/or resources.

Are you ready for this? Fear is actually an indicator that something is important.

Mindset is almost always about having some grip on this idea- how we approach anything has lots of options. You can approach something from fear and you’ll be tentative, cautious, frightened, uneasy, timid, and trembling. You can approach something with curiosity and you’ll be attentive, vigilant, or thoughtful. I hope you get the point. You’ll need some objectivity.

Fear is actually very important and integral to us as beings. I’ll always love using the analogy of dropping anybody’s ass deep in the jungle, then introduce a tiger, then the tiger is 10 meters away and he’s hungry as fuck. That’s fear. That’s what humans have evolved from. We don’t/shouldn’t slow down to think, we act, and we amazingly and intuitively get locked out of certain parts of our brains that handle complex problem solving and other parts engaged in micro seconds to FUCKING ACT and NOW!!! I’ll let you brain people correct me but I think happens in the neocortex.

Most parts of our minds don’t differentiate between mortal fear like the tiger scenario and negative social interface fear like a shameful experience like getting voted off the island and shunned from the tribe. It all feels the same if we don’t regain access to the part of our brain that handles complex problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. Those things take us all actually slowing down and putting some time and space between our thoughts and taking action. That time is also where we need to be able to sit in the discomfort that comes with the sensations that happen in our body as we experience the full glory of fear. When I say sit in the discomfort I mean be able to not do something or anything unconsciously so we don’t have to feel any challenging sensations.

Remember… fear is an indicator that something is important. In all this time that you’re providing yourself thats what you want to be asking yourself.

Here’s the opportunity;

Think of a scenario that provokes fear in you and ask yourself;

What in this scenario is important to me?
Delineate between what’s important from your highest self (after accessing your neocortex by doing whatever voodoo you need to in order to access that) and what’s important from your fear?

Choose from your highest self not from your fear.

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