Saying that we’ll do or not do something as a way of coming to an understanding about what’s the best for a company or organization, a relationship, with our fitness or health, or any other thing we want but don’t have/don’t have but want.

If we’re to build reliability, trust, and prolonged connections we simply have to do what we say we’re going to. And if we don’t we have to own that we didn’t do what we agreed to and fix the problems we created.

The words accountability and integrity are often at the heart of many organizations, company’s, relationships, and achievements. Why? Ultimately, it means who can and will take responsibility for the impacts, intended or unintended for actions and choices that effect the world.

Do you apologize when you do something you said you wouldn’t?
Who holds you accountable?
Do you own your mistakes?

Why do we go back on what we commit to do? Talk is cheap, we don’t value peoples trust, we have second thoughts, or enthusiasm has a half life. The feeling and sensations we feel when we make an agreement goes away and then we’re left with our word… our commitments.

Discomfort is such a powerful force. We say we’ll do something and then when it gets “real” the bargaining occurs and we try to walk back the previous things we said to renegotiate. The truth of the matter is simply that we don’t want to do things that are hard. We don’t want to exert effort and/or use our time. We all can become short sighted and choose for now rather than the long term loss of being untrustworthy.

All of this talk about not doing what we say does two very important things; it pushes people away (loved ones and business opportunities alike) and the other thing is that it robs us of our power. The kind of power I’m talking about is when you own that you are the cause of your life, that you are the one who’s creating the results you experience. The results you own are the ones you can change.

There are thousands of choices made each day that create the sum of our lives. You have the right and opportunity to make them all in a more conscious way.

The opportunity;

Who in your life is most impacted by you not following through?
Where will your health be in ten to thirty years if you don’t eat and move the way you know you should?
What have been three choices you’ve made in the last five years that put you in financial/business problems?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!

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