“Fuck the high road!” “Fuck it, I’m tired of trying and I just don’t care.”

How many of you have said that? Thought that? Or felt that deep in your bones?

Life is challenging. The struggle is real. I believe that’s one of life’s main characteristics, struggle. Tension, pain… opportunity. I get to work with all sorts of people with all sorts of struggle. Struggle is relative but the effects are fairly general and universal.

We all have many entities calling the shots inside our minds; that one who says, “Fuck the high road.” And another that might say, “Do what’s best for the world, do what is in alignment with your vision of how you want the world to be, or the legacy you want to leave.” What do you think is going to happen when you spend all day waxing the car, filling it up with gas, and then hand them the keys? You get to decide which entity you give the keys to the car. You know where they’re driving and how they drive.

I’ve allowed the fuck the high road guy to run the show plenty and while it can certainly be interesting… and intense for sure, the negative impacts are there plain as day to see. I’m sure you can take some inventory on your own misadventures that wound up costing lots of money, shame, disconnection, incarceration, etc etc.

And maybe your choice point isn’t as dramatic. Maybe it’s subtle and less polorized so that you can be deluded into the chill, easy path of just doing what you think “serves” you. Each moment a choice point presents itself and my offer is that polish our ability to look at ourselves from outside ourself and choose in alignment with our potential, our mission, or be in alignment with love.

This goes for business, in relationships, meeting goals, and sometimes just getting out of bed.

What do you need to make some choices on right now… or today?

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