Many of us live our lives in some various state of congruence. Congruent being defined as in agreement or harmony.

I work with people around the concept of being aligned nearly all the time. Our priorities are such an important part of our lives and those priorities reflecting where we spend our energy and precious time is a place where we can see where we’re full of shit.

I’ll plan to touch in this for two weeks including this one and next if you want to tune in and have some dialogue next week with me please come watch the live video I’ll do on Friday at 3:00p Atlantic/2:00p eastern/12:00p mountain/11:00a pacific and we’ll have some fun on Facebook.

Here’s one of the most common things I’ve said and done as well as see happening with clients and friends all around me.

“Saying it’s important versus behaving as if it’s important.”

We say shit all the time and talk is cheap. Our words reflect how we “want” things to be while our actions and behavior reflects the ways things actually are.

Do you care about love?
Do you care about your health?
Do you care about your resources?
Do you care about your family?

Do you talk and think you care about them or do you actually behave and base your choices around what you “say” is important to you?

Telling myself one thing and doing another simply can’t happen without the powerful phenomenon of denial so we’ll talk about denial too.

“Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to ones self esteem.”-Dr Thomas Saz

It’s said that this is why young children, before they are aware of their own self importance learn so easily and why older people especially ones that are vain or self important can not learn at all.

This is why many choose to live in denial rather than review, examine, and face the reality of our lives.

The opportunity;

Assess the areas of your life that I asked about above in the four questions. (love, health, resources, family) Or choose your own.
Now outline the top four areas of your life where you spend the most time.
How far away are one category from the other?
Why are you spending time doing the things you’re doing rather than what you “say” is important? There is a reason.
On a scale of 1-100, where do you land on being congruent?

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