Last week I talked about being congruent with your priorities as they relate to your health, connections, and resources. This week I want to have a chat about how you’re serving the world. I don’t have some specific “way” I think you should but the serving itself is important and you should be doing it if you want to be happy in this life.

This level of congruence I’m talking about is your purpose. If you’ve been paying attention I talk about “soul dollars”. We spend them, we earn them, they’re finite. One of the ways we earn/accumilate “soul dollars” is by living a life of purpose. It’s an emotional currency, of sorts.

Have you ever heard the term, “Some people are so rich all they have is money.” Along the spectrum of having money and not having money I like the side of having money. I also know deep inside that it’s not worth it to have money if that’s all I have and I’ve compromised so many other things to get it. This is where we end up incongruent and we’re actually hemorrhaging “soul dollars”. How does this feel?

This isn’t about money so chill out. This is about the fulfillment we experience and “soul dollars” we accumulate when we’re congruent and live our life’s purpose.

So! In order to understand congruence we should ask, what drives incongruence?

We have many facets or entities that make us who we are. Each of those facets or entities at different states of evolution and stratus of consciousness. We need to have enough facets leveling up in order to reach critical mass to traverse the ladder towards our next level. If this process is cheated we experience states of despondency, heartbreak, or unhappiness. We certainly can forgo some of these facets but sooner or later we all sit down to the consequences of those choices.

We’re numb or we ignore, we’re lazy, we’re scared, or we have shame. These are just a few the things that we either run away from or worse yet, we stay attached to in order to keep our lives the same. We can also utilize one or many of those to launch us towards something we believe will relieve us of those horrible things and head off into the future. It’s incongruent and won’t work. This is often not in alignment with our purpose so guess what, incongruent.

The opportunity;

What are the main benefits of staying incongruent?
What are the main cost/detriments of staying incongruent?
What changes will you have to make to be congruent?
How will your life be different when you’re congruent?

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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