Are you living your default life?

Our relationship with ourselves and what we think about who we are has almost everything to do with the approach we take when facing the world. You have to know that you’re strong in order to face things that you know will likely hurt you or defeat you.

We front, we fake, fuck… we lie. We deceive ourselves and others and we stay the same day after day after day. You think you’re weak and that you don’t have it in you. You haven’t developed a relationship with the strong, powerful part of yourself to have access to it.

I believe it requires courage more than anything to change. Change will be risky and scary. Change requires facing the unknown. Last week I talked about finding solace and quiet. I said that from stillness we change. This happens because we drift into the unknown all hang out there. We form ideas and notions there. In order to take that and make something of it we have to take action. For the love of god, do something rather than do nothing again and again and again.

Your default life is the one that you will arrive at if you do nothing. And… you don’t have to do anything, you can stay the same, you can live life the way you have been. No one has to change, you have to want it. You have to want it bad enough that the fire gets lit inside and you stay connected to the life you were meant to live. Your “Real Life”. The one that’s aligned with your purpose and passions.

Start today, begin again, and stop living your default life. Quit tolerating mediocrity or even worse… a sub par existence of your life.

Who’s with me?

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