Year after year I send out a message to all my friends and clients to support them to take some inventory about their lives that year and reflect. Sometimes they’ve been long, complicated messages and sometimes they’ve been short and sweet.

What I know about people and this time of year is that we’re all pretty busy and finding time to sit down and think about things can present a challenge. So this year I have landed on the idea of a distilled, high impact series of questions to be done in less than five minutes. My recommendation is to just read the questions and find the answer to each in your head and move through them one by one.

What was the single best decision you made this year?
Who had the biggest impact in your life?
What do you want to let go of and not take into 2018?

If you want to earn extra credit, I’d love to hear about what your thoughts are so I’m including my email address for you to share with me. If you email me your answers to these questions I’ll gift you a ninety minute coaching session with me “no strings attached”, no bullshit.

Happy New Year, friends. Live your life to the fullest extent possible. Thanks for your time.

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