As consciousness develops there are what would seem to be defaults or backsliding. This is more what I would call reverberations. It’s normal and natural but your shadow will have a field day telling you you’re broke and will never be a better person than you are right now.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the journey of higher consciousness is about moving from the formation of ego to then the escape from ego. Our ego formation happens without trying while ego destruction is seemingly impossible even with all the effort a person can muster for an entire life.

Another facet to this journey is about moving from singular, self-oriented focus to collective, unified, global orientation. For the good of all.

Throughout life, we move forward and we move back. This is natural but one of our basic human needs is to grow and evolve. This powerful force can be short wired but not without another powerful force which for most people is fear. Fear can drive and motivate like almost no other.

So… why the hell am I telling you all this?

What I call reverberations are when our consciousness level goes up and with that new, powerful energy we use it to better manipulate and drive our egos agenda. We then say things like,”This is for the betterment of society.” when it’s actually mostly for the betterment of ourselves, whether that be by notoriety, monetary gain, or other form of selfish attainment.

We all do this. We all want and we all seek to gain. As our consciousness rises we want less because we feel like we have enough, we’re more content, and we’re not trying to fill that great big hole of “lack”.

Gain is simply a mathematical endeavor while fulfillment is an art. Keep moving forward, learning, and growing. You’ll need less and have more to give away.

The opportunity;

What is your favorite reason for being scared, stingy, or selfish?
Do you know how to generate enough love and soul dollars for yourself so that you have enough to give away?
How do you measure success and happiness?
What is your superpower?
How do you give your superpower to the world?

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