I recently started working on a list of rules that I think are important for a person to live their life by in order to live well and experience life to it’s fullest.

I’m big on living life deeply, soulfully, and staying awake.

My mission in life is to raise the consciousness of the world through connecting, teaching, and being authentic. I continue to try to make my work and live my life in a way that fulfills that vision of how I’m trying to impact the planet.

I’ve shied away from lists and laws and often thought of books with lists and steps as rote and shallow. At this point I can admit that I’ve been wrong. Repetition is one of the main ways that I learn as is for many people.

I’m also a lawbreaker so anything that sounds like rules or laws I’ve turned my nose up to my whole life until recently. (yeah, I’m a rebel)

Hear me out… early on in life I was exposed to groups and communities like everyone. Those different groups all had some rules they subscribed to that provided shape as to how they live their lives. Some were good and some were questionable. Some weren’t questionable at all and were downright fucked. I don’t think I’m odd here, I think this is a common experience for everyone.

What I’m remembering is that I came up with the code I live my life by. Some came from martial arts, some came from other groups and organizations that I’ve belonged to. Some came from teaching of how I didn’t want to be.

And like I said, those rules and constructs were all over the spectrum from positive to negative so with review I can see that different ones need to be discarded and others cherished and held tightly.

So again, I’ve started working on my list to get clearer on my “code” so that I can see if my path in life is in alignment with my overarching philosophy, and if my goals are aligned with my lifestyle choices.

I promise that I’ll share my final list when I’m done but here are a few:

Your opportunity:

Where did the rules you live your life by come from?

What rules or laws need to be put under review for possible changes or updates?

What needs to be added to your list to put you more aligned with what you say is important to you?

What small step or big steps do you need to take to get aligned with your own code of conduct?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!

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