In life we know that in certain situations we need to have answers. We need to come to a final conclusion and that’s the objective. We can’t talk about solving problems day and night forever. At other times it’s less important to know the answer if you still can’t solve the problem. This happens sometimes when someone does it for us. It fixes it for now but the problems just keep coming up over and over. Knowing how to solve problems means that we can find our way back and forth from obstacle to solution in a repeatable way. And hopefully, at some point, not find ourselves in the same problems over and over. (Some of us get comfy here.)

When I was in the 7th and 8th grade I was forced to take pre algebra. My teacher was Mr. Ramadan. He was a great teacher although I wasn’t good at math and I’m still not. (Math is just one of my many challenges.) Another lame thing with math is that I found it really hard to cheat in order to get by for two reasons; one was that having the answer often didn’t necessarily help me solve the problem and two if I couldn’t solve the problems then it would continue to get even harder later because they built to greater and great complexity. Fucking math… at least my wife is a math genius amongst other things.

This is like life too. If we get better at solving problems and learning how to learn that skill is transferable and we’ll be able to approach more things and figure them out and things besides math.

In the last couple weeks I talked about both the journey and the destination. The same thought goes for this concept. Life isn’t always about the answers and the end. Life is also about keeping your shit together along the way, growing, and evolving.

I’m uncovering a paradox here and in doing so showing that it isn’t either the journey or the destination and it isn’t either the way we solve the problems or the answers in fact it’s both of those things being managed in some harmony with consciousness and care keeping in mind a bigger picture. It needs to all fit.

The opportunity;

Think of time when you were having an important meeting or conversation where you were rushing towards the end and to just get it over.
Do you see that rushing towards the end caused you to miss some things along the journey? Do you become myopic and short-sided?
Why do you do this?
What does that have to do with time?
Think of a time where you got caught up in the toil of the problem and couldn’t find your way out.
Why did you get bogged down into the problem and forget what the whole thing/problem/argument was all about?
What does this have to do with your ego?

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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