Death is coming for us all. I suggest you pause and think about that in stillness for a moment.

In the end I hope you don’t care what people thought of you but instead, how you made them laugh, touched their hearts, and were a solid place during the storms of their lives.

A great divide of knowing what matters happens after we do a fair bit of deep mortality work. I have made my life about the investigation of what Jung calls “the shadow”. The dividends of that work pay handsomely in healing the wounds of our childhood mishaps. A/the next level is to move towards life, time, death, and chipping away at extraneous parts that we’ll look back at some point and know were ridiculous and bullshit.

For part of out lives we’re looking to add. Add more of this, more of that. Adding and “more”. Eventually we end up surrounded by people, things, thoughts, and philosophical beliefs that are totally in the way of getting what we deeply want and need in the first place.

Belonging, acceptance, and love.

And only after what my good friend Sean says, we’ve shared “the good, the bad, and the bizarre” can we know that we’re truly being granted these authentically. If we haven’t laid it all out there the likeliness we’re just performing is very high.

On the other side of the chipping away is a freedom to live with your heart wide open. Most of us have no clue the value of facing our mortally and the depth and intensity of what grief will teach you. Death has taught me more about love than anything else ever has.

In the last week I’ve had intense, beautiful, tearful conversation about death and love every day. Each experience a gift and an opportunity to gain clarity on my choices, my priorities, and become better aligned for the ultimate reality-everything is coming to an end and you have less time than you think.

Time is non renewable and finite and I try hard not waste it. There are several things that I respect in people one being the ability to use the vessel that each of us has been given to its utmost and highest use-fine tuning performance, pleasure, adventure, aesthetics to full optimization.

Silly as this may sound I also appreciate someone who can connect symbiotically with animals to train, discipline, and almost become one with them.

My greatest admiration is for a person who values their time and keeps their mortality front and center as a way orient and guide their life.

The opportunity:

Who do you need contact to tell how much they mean to you?

Do that within the next three days.

What changes do you know you need to make immediately?

What truth do you need to face right now?

Thanks for your time, have a great day!