For the last 200 weeks (nearly four years) of Petrol for the Soul I’ve harped on you to manage your mindset. It’s your responsibility, your right, and your life. What we think and what we focus on creates our experience. We always have the ability to manage our attitude and effort. (Frankl)

I started Petrol for the Soul in 2016 because of the political nature of media and social media before the 2016 election. My friend and I were talking about Facebook and other sources of content consumption and discussing how we could break into Facebook and set everyone’s feed to be equal parts positive and negative so Petrol for the Soul was born in that effort.

Here we are again in 2020 leading up another election with the need for Petrol for our Souls’ at an all time high.

There is beauty in the world. Humans have amazing potential, of which we can choose to look for whatever side of the spectrum we want to. I say why not at least some of the time choose to look at our amazing and awesome feats, why not our beauty, and our ability to do and be good.

Some of my favorites from the last 200 weeks:

Here’s to another 200 weeks! Thanks for your time, have a great day.

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