Where we spend time:

I’ve talked about priorities many many times. Frankly, I believe it can’t be talked about enough. Where any of us spend time should pretty much be under constant review. As I change and grow I get more in touch with what’s important but where I spend my time is the result of patterns and habits. Some good… some bad…

Each newer version of me needs to assess what I have and what I want to figure out where I need to put energy to make the change.

I’ve lifted weights and been interested in fitness for a long time. My Dad was a fitness junkie and I know I got it from him. In my attempts to improve my fitness I’ve become aware that the approach must have a system. I exert a certain amount of force based off how strong I currently am. I induce adaptation from this and Voila! I get stronger. At times, I would base my maxes off what I wanted them to be (a fantasy) and when I would calculate the percentages of how to exert myself it would be wrong. It’d be too much. I’d make excuses and not face the truth about where I was really at.

Here’s the deal, we all have a gap in the different versions of our priories. Where we actually spend time will always reveal our true priorities. You can’t say something is important and not spend time doing it. Period. We have fantasy priorities and then we have actual priorities.

Why we spend time where we do:

The next thing to look at is why you’re spending the time you are in the places you are. What is being achieved by putting time and energy towards what you are and what are you getting from that?

Making shifts in life can be motivated by many things and if I’m not careful it’s easy for the changes I’m making to be based off of proving myself. Do my priorities reflect me taking care of myself and my loved ones better or am I basing them off of my ego trips?

How do move the needle in a certain direction:

I believe in higher quality problems. My life will always have challenges. I know this. What I really want to do it is solve lower quality problems for ones that are of higher value and meaning. I don’t want to keep figuring out where my next meal is coming from or if the lights will come on when I flip the switch. I want to solve the problem of why I can’t love myself or why I criticize the important people in my life. I want to solve the problem of helping my fellow humans be in better relationship with themselves, each other, and their environment.

I must understand the difference between my fantasy priorities and and actual priorities. The gap between that is where any of us can apply some effort and dedication. And… it’s going to be uncomfortable too, that’s why we aren’t already doing it. So keep your seatbelt on and keep moving towards that when you can.

The opportunity:

Are you making your health a priority?

Are you focusing on fantasy priorities or your actual priorities?

Are you priorities ego based?

What would be the result if you stayed on the track you currently are?

Thanks for your time, have a good day!